Crop Nutrients

Ag Plus carries the full array of crop nutrients both in liquid and dry form.

Nitrogen Fertilizers:
Anhydrous Ammonia NH3 82-0-0
Urea CO(NH2)2 46-0-0
Urea Ammonium Nitrate UAN 28-0-0
Ammonium Sulfate


Phosphate Fertilizers: 
Monoammium Phosphate MAP 11-52-00
Diammonium Phosphate DAP 18-46-0
MicroEssentials SZ ME SZ 12-40-0-10S-1Zn


Potassium Chloride POTASH 0-0-60
Aspire POTASH with Boron 0-0-58-0.5


Micro Nutrients: 
Sulfur Elemental S 90%
Ammonium Sulfate AMS 21-0-0-24s
Zinc Z 0-0-0-0-35.5z
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