Crop Protection

Crop scouting is available with five agronomists/scouts to inspect fields and make appropriate recommendations of herbicides and insecticides to match the grower needs and cultural practices. Feel free to give us a call and see how we can help you – 507-223-5634 or 888-244-0046.

Here at Ag Plus we offer a wide range of crop protection. Here are some of our top products:



SureStart™ Herbicide
Active Ingredients Acetochlor, clopyralid and flumetsulam Controls Grasses like foxtails, barnyardgrass and crabgrass; and broadleaf weeds like waterhemp, lambsquarters, pigweed, common and giant ragweed, velvetleaf, marestail, sunflowers and much more. Labeled for use in herbicide-tolerant corn only, SureStart™ herbicide provides soil-applied, broad-spectrum foundation weed control for up to six weeks ahead of a planned post glyphosate application. It also controls weeds that are resistant or tolerant to glyphosate, atrazine or ALS herbicides.

Rates 1.5 to 2 pts./A, depending upon soil organic matter content and soil type
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Sonic® Herbicide
Active Ingredient: cloransulam-methyl and sulfentrazone Profile: Sonic® herbicide provides broad-spectrum, soil-applied control of broadleaf weeds in soybeans, including marestail, waterhemp, common lambsquarters, velvetleaf, common and giant ragweed, pigweed, morningglory, cocklebur, smartweed, nightshade, sunflower, kochia, wild mustard, Palmer amaranth, Russian thistle and Venice mallow.


Two active ingredients with unique modes of action to help manage glyphosate resistance or tolerance

Part of the Technology for Traits™ herbicide portfolio designed for powerful two-pass weed control in Roundup Ready corn with Durango® DMA® or Duramax™ herbicide

Convenient premix formulation

Works in all tillage systems

Labeled Crops: Soybeans
Application Timing: Preplant or preemergence application at planting, or within three days after planting
Application Rates: Apply 3 oz./A as a foundation rate in Roundup Ready soybeans; apply 6.45 to 8 oz./A in conventional soybeans.

Resicore® Herbicide
The three active ingredients — acetochlor, mesotrione and clopyralid — provide three nonglyphosate and nonatrazine modes of action to help growers manage herbicide resistance by controlling weeds in multiple ways. It’s active ingredients have never been seen together in a single product before, which provides the right balance to offer superior weed control deep into the growing season. Corn’s toughest enemies include waterhemp, giant ragweed, Palmer amaranth, morning glory and marestail. Resicore has been proven to control these troublesome weeds and more than 70 other species growers deal with each season. For more information on Resicore® see for more information.


Adapts quickly by spreading herbicide-resistant genes

Can be used in conventional, reduced or no-till corn systems

Tank-mix-compatible with atrazine, glyphosate and other corn herbicides giving growers flexibility to customize their weed control

Provides superior weed control deep into the growing season

Labeled Crops: Corn
Application Timing: Preplant or early postemergence application
Application Rates: 2.5 qt./A Resicore® herbicide + 1 pt./A atrazine

Liberty® Herbicide
Yesterdays missed weeds can become today’s big problem. Liberty® herbicide is simply better weed control handling tough-to-control and resistant weeds such as Palmer amaranth, marestail, waterhemp and kochia.


Fast acting, killing weeds in days rather than weeks

Neighbor-friendly and convenient to use providing peace of mind

Labeled Crops: Corn or soybeans
Liberty S.T.O.P. Application Guidelines for maximum control
S tart early with the first application – soon after crop emergence
T arget less than 3″ weeds – small weeds are easier to control
O ptimize coverage – follow correct rate, water volume and droplet size
P air with residuals – use multiple effective sites of action for pre- and post-residuals

Xtendimax® Herbicide
A low volatility dicamba formulation specially designed for the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System. Vapor Grip Technology effectively provides a significant reduction in volatility potential. With tolerance to glyphosate and dicamba, famers will have access to additional tools to help control glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds.


Controls weeds such as Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, marestail, lamb’s quarter and velvet leaf.

Proven technology offers what farmers already know and trust with the same yield and quality potential from Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield.

Vapor Grip Technology provides low volatility Dicamba.

Up to 14 days of soil activity on small-seeded broadleaf weeds.

Labeled Crops: Soybeans
Application Timing: Extended application flexibility before, at and after planting.

Insecticides – Tundra Insecticide

Broad Spectrum Pest Control

Tundra® insecticide, with the active ingredient bifenthrin, protects a wide range of valuable crops against a broad spectrum of insects and mites. From planting to harvest, count on Tundra® insecticide for long-lasting, residual protection.

  • Complements insect protection traits in seeds by controlling secondary pests at economical use rates.
  • Flexible application options. Apply by ground, air or chemigation and is compatible with many other pesticides, liquid fertilizers and MAX-IN® nutrients.
  • Effective, season-long control with long-lasting residual protection.
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