Seed Recommendation & Planning

How do you go about selecting your seed for the coming production season? Do you only look at plot results? Do you stick with what you’ve had success with in the past? There’s more to selecting seed than simply planting last year’s plot winner. Here’s the formula that Randy Lopau, Ag Plus seed specialist, used to make his seed recommendations:

R7 – The Right Soils

  • What soil properties make it productive?
  • Managing the water to yield potential relationship in corn
  • Tillage systems and yield potential

R7 – The Right Genetics

  • Matching genetic background to environment
  • Hybrid characteristics required for very high yield environments

R7 – The Right Traits

  • Role of biotech traits in achieving very high yield potential
  • Lessons learned from Answer Plot research

R7 – The Right Population

  • Hybrid response to population
  • Row spacing

R7 – The Right Rotation

  • Crop rotation effect on yield potential
  • Rethinking the corn/soybean rotation

R7 – The Right Plant Nutrition

  • Matching nutrient applications to yield potential
  • Elemental Prominence and NutriSolutions – A new approach to nutrient management

R7 – The Right Crop Protection

  • Weed management strategies and yield potential
  • What role do fungicides play in achieving very high yields
  • Always bet on the pests – how do we limit their impact?

Ag Plus Plots

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2018 Answer Plots – Beans Combined

2018 Answer Plots – Corn Combined

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