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Who is Parts City Auto Parts?

We’re a chain of local, independently owned auto parts stores dedicated to helping our communities with their unique automotive needs. Most Parts City Auto Parts owners operate only one store and work the counter at their store every day.

Many of them are second and third-generation owners of their stores and are planning to keep their business in the family when they retire.

In addition to auto parts, many of our stores focus on other offerings people in their neighborhood need, such as tractors and agricultural equipment, lawn & garden, home improvement supplies, and much more. In many areas, Parts City is known as the store that can track down those odd parts no one else can find.

While no two Parts City stores are alike, we’re able to provide you with competitive pricing, parts availability and a nationwide warranty through our relationship with O’Reilly Auto Parts.


The Parts City Auto Parts name was first used in 2008, but our roots go back to the creation of Ozark Automotive Distributors by O’Reilly Auto Parts.

In 1961, five years after the first O’Reilly store opened, O’Reilly Auto Parts created Ozark Automotive Distributors as their warehouse division to support their stores, as well as the needs of local independently owned stores.

Prior to 2008, many current Parts City Auto Parts stores flew the AutoValue or Bumper to Bumper flag, which Ozark Automotive Distributors participated in. However, in 2008, Ozark Automotive distributors broke away from these brand names, and launched the Parts City brand.

Today, independent parts store owners continue to join the Parts City Auto Parts program because of its superior parts availability, pricing and service.

Other Services We Provide

  • Propane Tank Refills

  • Hunting and Fishing License

Meet the Staff

Rick Stynski Parts City Store Manager

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