Soil Sampling

Grid Sampling—grid sampling is a precise method of sampling, most useful on high-testing fields and fields with manure histories. Fields are sub-divided into 2.5 – 5 acre grids. Gridding allows us to find out exactly what parts of the fields have high, medium, and low nutrient levels. Grid sampling eliminates over- or under-fertilizing and creates the most productive environment for plant growth across each field

Zone Sampling—zone samples are based on precise soil maps, created using equipment that measures soil electrical conductivity. This gives us extremely accurate soil-type maps. These fields are then sampled in 3-5 soil productivity zones, generating recommendations based on soil types with similar physical characteristics and yield capabilities.

Conventional Sampling—we geo-reference all soil samples to generate accurate field maps and precise acre measurements. By logging our sample points, we can return and resample the same areas of each field within 1-2 meters, ensuring you more accurate results between sampling years.



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